Saturday, September 29, 2018


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Kiitie is so CUTE

Kitty Cute is animated and excited.
 The tropics are a long way from her home in Romania.

The lush scenery, the lux, seaside rooms, the beaches and pools, the exotic food and the company of the other girls, all of it stimulates Kitty's senses. Kitty saw a swanky outdoor bathtub and choose it as the place for this boob-slappin', clappin', smackin', lickin', swingin' scene.

Here Kitty Kitty "I want to spend my life here," Kitty gushed. Of course, she couldn't. But maybe one day, she'll return.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Latina babe Katy Shavon is HOT!

South American Beauty

A natural beauty with powerful sex appeal, Katy Shavon is from Medellin, Colombia, home also to Shara Lopez, another sultry South American with an eye-popping body and boobs. Both girls are showstoppers.

SCORE has filmed girls in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Colombia is a new location and if there are more like Katy and Shara, it looks to be as rich in ripe racks as Romania and the Czech Republic.

Katy wears a swimsuit and heels to this photo shoot. She shows off every succulent centimeter after she takes it off, goes for a skinny dip in the pool and oils up. Who could not take a shine to this baby?

"I need to buy an extra-large bra that is not normally sold everywhere," said Katy. "I always wear one to keep my boobs up. I do not wear one when I go on the webcam."

Katy doesn't speak English but that's no problem since many SCORE staff members speak Spanish. No matter, the language of big breasts knows no borders or barriers.

 Check her out now.