Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Oh Amber Alert Baby!

Slim-bodied Amber Alena slips a selection of titty-tops over her big boobs and masturbates with her fingers, rubbing her clit and sexy-talking in her wispy, baby-doll voice...perfect for phone sex or pillow talk.

When Amber edges towards orgasm, she makes a pretty cum-face. "I'm a born exhibitionist at heart," said Amber. She has nipples that could scratch a diamond.

"Some of my sexual fantasies are to fuck in places I've never been, like under a waterfall or to have sex at the highest level of a hotel overlooking the prettiest views."

We asked Amber if she wanted to meet a friendly porn-stud. She did. Stay tuned.

"I'm sexually satisfied the most when I hear a guy enjoying himself while we're having sex. I also really like my tits played with while I'm getting fucked. I have sex, like, four or five times a week. Not enough!"

Amber: Dangerous Nipples Ahead 

Catch her on Cam too, So HOT!

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